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Perm Trend 2022 @ Be U Hair Design

  Sign up and get $50 voucher for perm services! GET IT NOW!! A lot of people in Singapore often feel that perm are looks old and difficult to manage because you haven't found the right salon and haven't designed your hair and curl to suit you. Do you know that perm is not just a curls, C curls S curls and J curls just the basic.  At Be U Hair Design, we perm as a Style Perm. We will Tailor the perm according to the customer's facial features and clothes to create the trend perm that suits the customer's style. Be u Hair design perm is very easy to take care of too just need to blow dry or apply...

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Create Your Own Perm / Be U Hair Design

Do you always think perms are old-fashioned?是不是总觉得烫发很老气?It's hard to take care of?很难打理?That's because you didn't find the right salon, didn't get the right haircut, didn't get the right perm for your style.那是因为你没找对美发店,没剪对发型,没有烫对属于您风格的圈度。 Seeing the above photos, do you feel old fashioned? Wouldn't that be right? Very fashionable, right?看到以上的照片,您会觉得老气吗?不会对吗?非常时尚对吗?Look at this, are you saying, of course you're a hairstylist and you can get this beautiful, where are we going to take care of it when we get home? That’s why you choose Be U Hair Design.看到这里,您是不是想说,当然你们是发型师可以弄到这么美,我们自己回家哪里会打理? 所以为什么选择Be U Hair Design.Not only we get a trend perm, but it's very easy to take care of when we get home.我们不但烫得出时尚的发型,而且回家非常容易打理。Some hairstyles can even be blow-dried, requiring no skill.有些发型甚至吹干就可以,不需要什么技巧。Don't hesitate to make an appointment....

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