Organic Scalp Treatment

Have you ever considered detoxifying your scalp?

OWay Have you ever considered detoxifying your scalp?

Have you ever considered purifying your scalp? If the answer is no, do not worry, you are not the only one! For years, attention has been paid to treatments that free skin from toxins, like body and face peeling, and the same attention should be paid to the scalp. Skin peeling is become more and more part of our Beauty Routine: it is about eliminating dead cells, excess toxins, and polluting particles accumulated on the skin surface.

Why is it important to purify the scalp in the proper way?

Incorrect lifestyle, poor nutrition, stress, atmospheric agents, as well as smog and adverse environmental factors cause accumulation of toxins and polluting particles on the scalp, which are hardly removed on their own or by using wrong shampoos. Accumulation can cause long-lasting problems(such as, scalp itching or even dermatitis), or discomforts such as oily or dry hair and dandruff.

Just like there are complete detox programs for body purification inside and out, which make us feel bolder and more energetic, cleansing routines can also be applied to remove large amount of impurities (dust, dead skin, shampoo residues, etc.) that accumulate on the scalp. Pores are attacked and prevent hair follicles from taking in nourishment. In this way, hair strands are “stifled”, weaken and break.

If your hair is less strong than before, less bright and dull, try to regenerate it starting with your scalp: let's not forget, in fact, that hair beauty and strength come from a healthy and properly cared scalp. Let's not neglect it then, and find out how to properly take care of your scalp.

Hair Detox Program: how to detoxify your scalp effectively

Completing purification cycles will free your scalp from impurities and make it stronger and more active and able to protect itself from external agents, thus giving hair balance and lightness.

Periodic exfoliation, accompanied by light and specific massage, will allow the treatment to penetrate deeply by eliminating dead cells.


100% natural, purifying and detoxifying cleansing peeling

100% natural, purifying and detoxifying cleansing peeling

OW Herbs & Clay Peeling Cleanser is the in-salon regenerating experience that frees hair and scalp from stress and toxins, restoring vitality and preventing imbalances and flaws.

100% natural, it blends the medicinal effectiveness of biodynamic Savory Leaves and Horsetail stems with the purifying and detoxifying virtues of Amazonian pink clay and of Saponaria walnuts. Finally, the power of natural and biodynamic essential oils blends in a unique treatment that follows the lunar phases to achieve its maximum cosmetic power. Cleansing, regenerating detox treatment, perfect scalp preparation for densifying and strengthening treatments of the capillary stem. 


This post was adapted from O WAY - WOW Journal