Be U Hair Design /Best Balayage / The Perfect Place to Make Magic Happen

Be U Hair Design /Best Balayage / The Perfect Place to Make Magic Happen

It’s never the wrong time to get a new hairdo! No matter what you’re going through, a new hair colour would definitely brighten up your life a little. Another thing you can never go wrong with is, Balayage hair!

What is Balayage?

Balayage simply means “to sweep” in French! It is a free-hand colour technique that uses natural highlights with minimally noticeable re-growth hairlines. It has a well-blended beautiful gradient of colour that creates a subtle, sun-kissed look that adds motion and proportions to your locks.

Usually, these highlights are a couple of shades lighter than the tone of the original hair colour and they effortlessly transition from root to the tip of the hair. This is done without the streaky, saturated look, hence, achieving those delicate beach tones you’ve always wanted. 

Where can I get a Balayage in Singapore?

Be U Hair Design

Be U Hair Design one of the best salons to get your hair coloured in Singapore. Especially when it comes to their balayage treatments as you can see in the picture attached above. Just the way the application of balayage blends with the contrasting colours makes it perfect.

Not only that, the hairstylists at Be U Hair Design pride themselves in providing satisfying and comfortable hair services to their customers. The stylists take the time in personalising their haircuts and other hair services for their customers based on their usual style, nature of their job and preference!

Price: Price starts from $228 to $388

Address: 176 Orchard Road The Centrepoint #01-33J singapore 238843