Come and Measure the shape of your FACE @BE U HAIR DESIGN

Come and Measure the shape of your FACE @BE U HAIR DESIGN

Knowing yourself is really important!

Only when we know ourselves can we choose a style that suits us according to our own conditions.

Today we are going to test our face shape.

Pull all your hair back, expose your face out.

Take another ruler and measure the length and width of your face.

Length refers to the distance from the top of your forehead to the bottom of your chin.

Everyone's widest is different.

The distance between the forehead, the distance between the cheekbones, the distance between the cheeks.

Babies who are not sure can be compared after measuring all three.

Question 1: The length and width of the face measured before, which do you belong to?

A) The length of the face is significantly greater than the width —— (Long face)

B) Faces slightly longer than they are wide —— (Skip to the Question 2)

C) The length is similar to the width or the width is greater than the length —— (Jump to the Question 3)


Question 2: Do you have a Round, Pointed or Square chin?

A) Round chin - (Oval Face) 

B) Sharp chin - (Jump to Question 3)

C) Square chin - (Square Face)

        Round chin.                   Sharp chin.                   Square chin.


Question 3: What is the widest part of your whole face?

A) Forehead - (Inverted Triangle)

B) Cheekbone - (Diamond Face)

  • 1. Long Face Shape

Long faces are the most recognizable of all

For example:
On the left is a long face plus a square face.
The face is long and the chin is square.

On the right is a Long Prismatic Face,
Both Long Face and Prismatic Face.


  • 2. Oval Face Shape

The oval face is a smooth oval,

Forehead and cheekbones are roughly equal in width,

Cheekbones down to the chin are also tapered in soft curves,

Oval face is basically beautiful!


  • 3. Round Face Shape

The girl with round face is really wronged, obviously not fat.

Round faces look sweeter, giving people a youthful and energetic feeling,
with smooth lines, and compared to other face shapes, they are not aggressive at all, making people want to pinch and feel very protective.


  • 4. Square Face Shape

The characteristics of the square face are also obvious.

It's a wide and square chin with clear edges and angles.

A beautiful square-faced fairy,

It's more special than other face shapes.

In addition to the softness of women, she is also very heroic.


  • 5. Inverted triangle Face Shape

We usually say that the melon seeds face, the awl face belong to the category of inverted triangle face,

Arguably the most photogenic face shape ever photographed.

The sharp chin makes this girl's face look small.


  • 6. Prismatic Face Shape

A prismatic face is also called a diamond face,

Widest in the middle, narrower at both ends,

The cheekbones are dilated, the chin is pointed,

What we call a superior face,

A lot of supermodels have faces like this.

If you don't know your face shape by following these tips, come to Be U Hair Design then and let our professionally hair stylist to help you to measure your Face shape.