Be U Hair Design / The Best Hair Tailored and Customised Experience

Do you go around looking for a stylist you can't find and blindly follow a trend? Imitating the minimalist style of the UK and falling into Japanese and Korean curves and beauty trap, are you losing yourself? In Be U Hair Design, we can help you pursuit the desire hairstyle that suits your contours!


When you come to Be U Hair Design, We will customize your hairstyle by following the steps below.

Step 1: Outline to determine

  • Facial Contour 
  • Chin Contour
  • Eyes Contour

  • Nose Contour

  • Mouth Contour

Step 2: Combine your face shape with your facail featires to determine your own style.                                            

  • Lovely Sweet
  • Elegant Soft Spoken              
  • Romantic
  • Avant-Garde
  • Modern Drama
  • Trendy
  • Natural Gentle
  • Atmospheric Gorgeous
  • intellectual Classic

Step 3: customize your hairstyle to match your own style.