Master Hair Perm & Hair Colour

Master Hair Perm & Hair Colour


Be U Hair Design is a one-of-a-kind hair salon in Singapore. Compared to other regular hair salons in Singapore, we offer tailored and customised services to each of our customers. We pride ourselves in bringing out our customers’ individuality through their hairstyles each time.

The name of our salon is not just short for “Beautiful”, but it is also a wordplay which implies “Be Yourself!” Hence, at Be U Hair Design, our stylists make it a point that you leave the salon feeling more like your best beautiful self. Not only that, but our stylists at Be U Hair Design also take into account your personality, structure of your face, your fashion style and the nature of your job, and then customize a hairstyle that would suit all of the factors. Be u Hair Design team will match the hair colour with the customer's skin tone too, as well as decide whether to have curly or straight hair based on the customers personality. of course, we will also integrate the latest fashionable elements.

Be U Hair design team is also proud to offer 100% organic hair and scalp treatment for customers who suffer from mild to severe scalp condition.

Let our Be U Hair Design teams work speaks for themself as U leave it to them to provide U with the utmost quality and service.

Be U, Be Yourself. 



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