Skin tone

How to determine your Skin Tone?

Knowing if your skin color is cool or warm, it can helps you to choose your hair color.

Black skin, white skin, yellow skin, are just the color of the skin, can not represent the tone of the skin, the color of the cool and warm skin tone, does not refer to the color of the skin.

How to judge their skin color is cool or warm, the following details for you to introduce several discrimination methods.

1. What Color Are Your Veins?

Distinguish through the color of the blood vessel in the wrist. in natural sunlight, lift your wrist and look at the color of the blood vessels in your wrist. is it blue or green?

2.Gold or Silver Jewelry?

It is suitable to wear silver jewelry for cool skin tone, and gold jewelry for warm skin tone. If there is no difference, it will be neutral skin color.

After knowing your warm and cool skin tone, you can judge your suitable color through the color cards.

 3. What Colors Do You Look Best In?

Colors that suit warm skin tones


Colors for cool skin tones

4. Compare Clothing Colors

For cool skin, you can wear the following colors :
Blue, purple, bright red, pink, etc

For warm skin tones, the following colors can be worn:
Beige, orange, coral pink, wine red and other colors

5.About beauty makeup

Cool tone skin, blue, light blue color makeup is more suitable

For warm skin tones, earthy colors are more suitable

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