4 Best Type Perm @ Be U Hair Design

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In Singapore, many people believe that perms are outdated and difficult to manage. This is because they have not yet discovered the right salon or personalized their hair and curls according to their preferences.

Yes, I am aware that a perm is not just about curls. There are different types of perms available, including C curls, S curls, and J curls, which are the basic types.

The article mentions various types of perms. These include the Vintage Jelly perm, Cloud Perm, Casual French Perm, and Mermaid Tail Perm. These give a natural look perm with various styles and effects, letting people customize their hair and curls as they like.

At Be U Hair Design, we perm as a Style Perm, Wavy Perm and soft perm.

Matching the perm to the customer's face and clothes creates a trendy style that suits their preferences.

The stylist can create a perm that complements the customer's face shape, hair length, and personal style. This will enhance their features and improve their overall appearance. This personalized approach ensures that the perm looks natural and flattering. Additionally, using the right products and techniques can help maintain the perm and keep it looking its best.

The Be U Hair Design perm is easy to take care of. To keep curly hair perm, you can blow dry or use curl product and let it air dry. This simple aftercare routine helps to keep the perm looking its best.

By following these steps, you can ensure that your perm stays beautiful and manageable. The emphasis is very high Fashion, not frumpy at all.

You don't need to worry about maintaining your perm after getting it done.

Here are some hot perm trends NOW!


Top 1 Vintage Jelly perm


The smaller curls and denser support of the perm create a plump hair feeling, which visually makes the face appear smaller. The deep three-dimensional Q-roll pattern adds a touch of retro literary temperament and sweetness to the overall look.

How to manage: Apply curl product and natural dry


Top 2 Cloud Perm 



The Cloud Perm is a trendy hairstyle that adds a cloud curl pattern to long hair. It creates a soft and natural curl, giving a unique and relaxed look..

The Cloud Perm gives off a charming charm, resembling a fairy with a little lazy temperament. To achieve and maintain this hairstyle, you can apply a curl product and let your hair dry naturally. This simple aftercare routine helps to keep the Cloud Perm looking its best.

How to manage: Apply curl product and natural dry


Top 3 Casual French Perm



The side curtain bangs on the Casual French Perm add a sophisticated and classy look to the overall style. The natural and casual corrugated texture adds a light dynamic aesthetic to the hairstyle, which emits an irresistible attraction. To manage the Casual French Perm, you can either blow dry your hair or use a roll blow technique.

How to manage: Blow dry or Roll blow  


Top 4 Mermaid Tail Perm 


The mermaid tail perm is a hairstyle where the curly hair on both sides resembles the shape of a mermaid's tail. This hairstyle adds a playful element while still maintaining an intellectual aesthetic. The curls in this perm can effectively enhance and decorate the face shape. To manage this hairstyle, you can either blow dry your hair or use a roll blow technique.

Here's a revised version: "The outer line of the S-shaped curls effectively enhances and decorates the face shape.". 

How to manage: Blow dry or Roll blow