Be U Hair Design Team


Sherlin Yap

I'm not afraid of hard work! All I want is for customers to walk out of the salon really happy with her hairstyle!

We've met many hairstylists in Singapore but Sherlin's hair colours clearly stands out from the rest. From the way she juxtaposes different colours to bring out a fresh new vibe to the way she applies balayage with all its details, Sherlin is undisputedly the Colour Goddess colour connoisseurs should not miss in Singapore. She isn't just amazing with colours though; Sherlin has a way with haircut and perm that helped her successfully tame fussy hair for both men and ladies as well!

Skill aside, Sherlin is VERY easy to talk to. With her sincerity and genuine personality, she is someone you can connect immediately and chat with like a friend you haven't met for 10 years. Whether you're talking to her about fashion or about the boyfriend who should have treated you better, Sherlin is someone who will stand on your side and listen to you pour out your inner thoughts. We also love it that she shares with us about the newest fashion accessories so we know what to get to give ourselves that additional sparkle

Overall, a truly outstanding stylist we love to be around and one we know we can trust for life!



Tony Lin

If I can't achieve the hair design you're thinking about, I'll tell you honestly.

If it is something I can do, you can be sure that I'll deliver the results beautifully!

There are many outstanding hairstylists out there but not many would take the time and effort to explain in depth about the colour and style that best suits each individual's face shape, skin colour and lifestyle. 

Tony is one of those rare ones who

1) is very skilled in both perm and colour

2) goes the extra mile to give haircare and hair design tips during the consultation and after the hair service

3) creates hair design that is very on point! 

He has after all gone for Vidal Sassoon Shanghai and was the Salon Manager of a well known salon chain in Singapore, making him especially strong in his hairdressing foundation. 

Beyond hair colours (of which he is really good with mixing and blending), many of his customers follow him from the West to Centrepoint to get their hair permed by him. Whether it is S curl, C curl, Korean perm or European curls, Tony will advise honestly and accurately on the type of curls that best suits the customer! He doesn't exaggerate and instead shares a lot of tips to make sure that the hair turns out exactly what you love. So when he says Yes, you can be sure that the hair will turn out perfect!

While not the most talkative, Tony is someone you'd feel comfortable around as he doesn't push unnecessary services or make you go for hair services beyond your budget. 

Overall, a skillful stylist and one who is easy to fall in love with!


Desmond Khoo

Beauty is not what you see, but what you make others see.

Desmond may look young but don't dismiss his skills just because of his youth. Take a look at his works and you'll know what I mean. The creativity, detail and aesthetics in his hair works show skill that is far beyond his years. We're particularly in love with how his hair colours has the clear lines and texture that make each colour super IG-worthy. Desmond attributes this skill to the many mentors he worked with in his 7 years in the industry, who guided him and shared techniques on how different effects can be achieved.

Since then, Desmond has been adding on to his repertoire by keeping ahead of latest trends and working with regular customers to create new hair designs. It's really fun doing your hair with him as he doesn't just take the hairstyle you ask him to do but shares his opinion on how you can make the hairstyle truly yours by customizing it to your face shape and your preferences. 

Compared to other stylists out there, you can sense that Desmond isn't here as a hairstylist for the money but is one of the few passionate Singaporean stylists who will go the extra mile to help you achieve your dream hair. 

Overall, an up and coming Singaporean stylist you should absolutely try for stunning glamorous hair colours!





Yonnah Chong

If you don’t have good hair texture, even the nicest hairstyle won’t look right.

Yonnah always had an interest in being a hairstylist because she loved that this career could help her change people’s lives.

Opportunities presented themselves after she graduated, so she ended up working as a makeup artist and nail technician for 5 years before she found her way back to hairstyling.

She studied at Toni & Guy for 3 years, focusing on solidifying her foundation in haircuts. From there, she moved on to a celebrity salon where she worked with an interracial team of hairstylists and expanded her skillset to include more layered and textured haircuts.

Today, customers love her because she focuses so much on hair texture. What does that mean, exactly?

You can think of hair texture as the way one manages or works with their hair type. If you have curly, frizzy hair, you need to use the right hair care and hair styling products and techniques so your hair works with you, instead of against you.

Yonnah is an expert on hair texture because she knows exactly how to spruce up limp hair, add texture to flat hair, and smooth out frizzy hair.

Although a haircut can definitely change the appearance of your hair, Yonnah recommends pairing it with a good perm or colour to maximize the effects.

Having worked as a hair educator for perms for 3 years in Malaysia, Yonnah is also highly skilled with perms.

When it comes to colour, she loves using the balayage technique to create natural, long-lasting, easy-to-manage highlights that only need to be touched up every 3-4 months.

On top of all the technical expertise, she's gathered over 8 years, Yonnah is well-loved by her customers because of her easygoing nature. Customers treat her more like a friend or family member rather than a hairstylist, and whichever salon she goes to, they will follow!


Vivian Teoh
I love making people prettier and happier.

Local stylists aren’t too common as there aren't as many young Singaporeans becoming hairstylists. It’s even rarer to find a dedicated and well-rounded Singaporean stylist, but Vivian is one of them.

When we first spoke to her, we could feel her sincerity and knowledge from the get-go.

We had to chat for a while before finding out she has almost a decade of industry experience!

Vivian has 9 years of experience in the industry, but you wouldn't know that when you speak to her.

Whether you're looking for a short, long, feminine, edgy, or artsy haircut, Vivian delivers.

She's also apt in perms, treatments, and the works. Truly a well-balanced hairstylist that is definitely worth trying!

You can see her care for customers because her main priority is their requests, requirements, and happiness. We love to see that!